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My Services

A Personal Approach

Pediatric Physical Therapy Telehealth Evaluation

A 1 on 1 Telehealth physical therapy evaluation to determine cause of pain and provide exercises/treatments to help relieve the pain. This evaluation comes with access to my personal email for any questions or concerns that may come up.  If you purchase this evaluation, I will look for the root of your problem and figure out the best way to treat it.

**Currently can only take patients that live in New Jersey and North Carolina for Physical Therapy appointments. Do not purchase if you do not currently live in either of those states.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Telehealth Treatment Session

This is an individualized treatment session following the initial evaluation to make changes and check progress to current patient treatment. Treatment methods, amount of reps/sets, and even changes to exercises will be provided in continued care depending on your progress. If you purchase this treatment session, you will get continued access to contact my through email for another 2 weeks. 

**Currently can only take patients that live in New Jersey, New York or other PT compact states for Physical Therapy appointments. Do not purchase if you do not currently live in either of those states or if you have not yet received a physical therapy evaluation.

Posture Examination

I provide an examination of your posture to determine what areas need improvement and prescribe exercises, stretching and other treatment methods to help address these issues. I take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Have you been experiencing pain while sitting at your desk for long hours? Do you have neck/back pain while sitting at your desk? Or are you just happy with your posture and want to improve it? This is the program for you. If you do not feel comfortable showing your posture in a video chat, I am also willing to perform a posture exam through pictures that you provide.

**This is available for anyone to purchase worldwide. There are no location limitations on this training package as this is a personal training service, not Physical Therapy service. No diagnosis will be given, but a corrective exercise program will be given. 

**Disclaimer: To perform a more accurate posture examination, it is essential to see more skin rather than less. What this means: For Men - shorts and tank top, but preferably removing shirt for posture exam if you feel comfortable. For Women - shorts and tank top, but preferably sports bra for the posture exam if you feel comfortable. I will perform a posture examination in whatever clothing you feel most comfortable. 

Posture Corrective Exercises

This is a 1 on 1 session following the initial posture exam that will consist of: discussion regarding current exercise plan, modification of exercises/amount of exercises, insight on progression, update on current posture, and advice on how other techniques to improve posture.

Gaming Set-up or Home Office Evaluation

I provide an evaluation of your current gaming set-up or home office to provide feedback on improving positioning of monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair and desk. The way your equipment is positioned is incredibly important to help reduce neck, wrist, and low back pain. I will provide tips and advice on things you can do to properly position yourself while you are working at your home office or while spending long hours gaming. Your desk ergonomics is often one of the most overlooked issues that can cause long term neck and back issues when spending long hours at a desk. This service will provide an individualized evaluation of your current set up and ways to improve the positioning to reduce tension on your neck and back.

**There is no location restriction on this product. Anyone can purchase this evaluation.

Esports Performance Training

Do you want to improve your performance? I will create a training program targeted towards whatever your professional esport is as well as the equipment you use. Muscle dexterity, flexibility, strength and coordination are all important parts of performance that are able to be improved. This is something that is often overlooked when it comes to esports. Hand coordination, speed and agility training should be incorporated into every esport professional's daily life.

**This training session is available worldwide. There is no location limitations on this training program, anyone can purchase.

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